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Hello, you've landed to on to a special place, that lots of you might already know. I'm Heikki and I'm an audio artist making mostly techno, electronic, rap and pop. I also work on the sound-design side and provide few services as well. Feel free to explore what we have for to offer you here.
Dear respectful music listeners and the fans of mine::

I salute you! In the 2020 I'm still on a journey to provide new music for the music lovers around the globe. Firstly, big thanks to all the listeners and those who have emailed me some very neat feedback. Hopefully more feedback will be sent in the future as well, as that's the biggest fuel to make me try harder. That said, I wish that you will click on the 'like' buttons every time you liked something, on both, @Soundclick and @Soundcloud.

I also want to say that lots of the art makers are very keen to become better, so all the hating is unnecessary, if you don't provide any constructive crticism. So do not think we don't try hard on that manner. Anyway, lots of great ideas on my mind, so keep checking me out. Also, if you like to be my friend over the (Fucking) Facebook, then my honor really. Anyway, hope you enjoy your day!

Cheers! Heikki ;-)
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