Warm welcomes on to my newly created & fresh looking site! This site has been online since 2010 and been my centrum for all of my art related needs. The long journey of Refelxion X output has had it's ups and downs, during all these years, but I got myself back together again, after a long and painful writing block. Some people have been a big help to me, when my bad days were present and made me feel the lowest lows -  Thank You!
It's a weird thing, but some music just needs to wait, before they start to be valued enough for people. I don't believe into dated out music as much as some people do - actually some of the 50's stuff is just cool by it's own and can sound very tempting to hear even in 2018.

My senses have a big grip, that our course will get on to right rails again - if it hasn't already partly happened. This planet has been very crazy, but definitely deserves to get "back in business" again. The most beautyful sound is silence, as it's a sound of peace as well. Restless souls need to get some sleep, and time to get healed from the past storms and adversities.
But in all seriousness not, - lets turn a new chapter and keep rocking!

New music is on it's way, so stay tuned, remember to check my site every now and then. As the finnish saying states "Hyvää Kannattaa Odottaa" i.e. "Good things are worthy to be waited for".

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